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Different types of lottery games

With the age of the Internet upon us, online gaming is becoming increasingly popular all over the globe. But this surge in popularity has done little to minimise the commitment to lotteries among the more general population. Even though lottery games – from lottery scratch cards to regular lotto draws - are a form of gambling, they can attract a very different audience to regular casino players, and the wide variety of different types of lottery games available is testament to that.

Lottery is more about simple, unadulterated, fun than anything else. Instead of really believing they have a good chance of winning big, more often than not lottery players go in it for the thrill – knowing they most probably won’t win but dreaming of the chance of winning an obscene amount of money which could change their lives.

An expansion to games like lottery scratch cards

At the same time, lottery companies, which often run lotteries for the government or states, have slowly but carefully expanded their operations to include a variety of games. Each game may not have a specific lottery element, such as with scratch off lottery tickets, but their association with the lottery companies breeds confidence among the players themselves.

These companies, such as Camelot which runs the UK’s National Lottery, may therefore end up offering similar games to regular casino companies to a totally different audience. If, for example, a guy from London is far from a regular gambler but enjoys buying a lottery ticket every week, there is a chance he may also be interested in buying lottery scratch cards or even playing various online games which he would not have played if they were not directly associated with the lottery.

Lottery scratch cards to the fore

Lottery scratch cards are a relatively new addition to the world of lottery games, especially when considering that lotteries have been around for hundreds of years. However, they have become a significant part of the portfolios of most state lotteries since the mid 1970s. What began with simple lotto games, where players pick six numbers and wait for a draw once or twice a week, has expanded vastly over the years. These days players can choose from Little Lottos, Daily Lotteries, Mega Millions and Pick 3 or 4 games as well as the classic lottery scratch cards.

Lotto games are still the main, flagship product of most lotteries. Every week hundreds of thousands of people sit in front of their televisions to watch the lottery numbers drawn by a celebrity with the hope that their six numbers will show up. The tension is palpable as the balls are drawn, especially when the players know they can at least win a small amount if only three numbers are drawn that match theirs. Meanwhile, Little Lottos, Daily Lotteries offer the same types of thrills, just more often with lower jackpot amounts. And lottery scratch cards are available both in old school cardboard form and on the Internet. Enter the website of most lotteries and you can deposit via your credit card and play lottery scratch cards there and then.

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