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Online Lottery Reviews

Playing in an online lottery is a gaming experience which includes all the excitement and thrills comparable to playing at a casino, without the complications of casino gaming itself. Most online lotteries are run by the nationally or locally centralized organisationsorganizations which also run the regular lotteries you will see drawn once or twice a week on the television. These organizations are usually either directly run by a national or local government or are appointed by the national or local government to run the lottery for them, creating a well-earned sense of authority and therefore a feeling of security among the players.

The security which is practically guaranteed by lotteries like this, due to the strict regulations enforced, runs through to the online lottery, causing players to feel even more comfortable when logging on to the websites and paying for online lotteries or lottery scratch cards. You almost definitely know that the company won't go out of business and fail to pay the winnings and you also know that the company won't cause any legal problems at all. It is a level of protection that is unprecedented in the gaming world and leads to players who would not generally gamble being attracted to online lottery on top of regular gaming enthusiasts who always enjoy the fun of playing instant win games.

The online lottery experience

Christine Sitcham from Macclesfield in northern England is by no means a gambling enthusiast. But she said she has always enjoyed playing online lottery as it is so simple and fun. "I just love a flutter here and there but I don't want to rely on playing games run by companies I am not sure about the background of," she said. "Online lottery is the perfect option for me. I just pick a few numbers and wait and see if I have won. It gives me an extra chance to play even when I have missed the televised draw on a Saturday or a Wednesday."

The online lottery experience is also enjoyed by Sanday Finland from New Mexico in the United States. She said: "I am a fan of lottery scratch cards and sometimes like to play them online. The instantaneous winning opportunity makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Once I won a relatively big prize, but usually I just hope to make a few extra dollars. I also don't mind if I lose because I know that I am donating money to good causes at the same time."

A more serious gambler is Spaniard Jose Salazar, who likes to play online lottery a few times as week. "I love the thrill of the lottery so I rarely miss an opportunity to buy a few tickets. I also play lottery scratch cards regularly, both offline and online. These are my favourite games as they give you lots of different options."

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