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How to play scratch cards

Playing online Scratch cards is one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences you’ll find on the Internet. The games are really easy to use and really fun to play. And while you’re having fun playing scratch cards you can even win money at the same time! The genre has become increasingly popular over the last few years with hundreds of thousands of people tending to play scratch cards as a form of casual gaming, a way to bet small amounts and have fun and thrills without the intensity and serious side of other online gambling options like casinos and poker. The scratch card games available on sites like are beautifully animated in attractive colours. There are dozens of options available, so you can play scratch cards covering themes including casino games, sports games, fantasy games and even slots games.

When you play scratch cards online it is a similar experience to buying a scratch card from a booth in the street and scratching off the foil to see if you won a prize. It doesn’t cost much and you never know - you could win a prize! The increase in excitement in playing online scratch cards comes from the add-ons that you will not find in regular physical scratch cards as well as the quality animation involved in the all games. This cartoon look and feel draws you in and enhances the scratch card experience no end.

Beginning to play scratch cards is simple. Unlike most online casinos, there is no need to download any software. Just open up a scratch card website like and click on the “Play Now” link. A screen will open which invites you to register a few basic details, including your email address, and then you can choose to play for “fun” so you can practice, or go straight to playing for “real money”. If you are not used to playing scratch card games its worth playing for fun first so you can get used to it and see how it works. But if you often play scratch cards there may be no need to practice and you can get going with winning money. Depositing is a quick process. Just click on the cashier, register your payment method and other details and start playing and winning.

Either way, if you are playing for fun or real money, the system works the same. You just choose a scratch cards category then select the game you want to play and start playing. A new window will then open featuring the scratch card itself. Each scratch cards game has its own methodology, but they are all based on similar themes. The aim is to scratch off and see if you won immediately. Some include slots or roulette wheels etc, but they all produce an instant result. It is this immediacy which is most attractive to scratch cards aficionados and has created a global online scratch cards culture.

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