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Scratch Card Odds

If you’re looking for a gaming experience where the odds of winning are far, far, higher than those of most gaming experiences, then head off to your favourite scratch card website. Because the fact is, scratch card odds beat most others. The reason for this is that scratch cards utilise fixed odds. This means that the odds the scratch card company claims to have put in place are actually the odds you will experience in the long run, which increases your chances of winning from potential to actual. A large majority of scratch card games offer odds of one in three, usually with a slogan like One in Three cards is a Winner.

Fixed scratch card odds

To understand the concept of fixed odds you must compare games like scratch cards to something like roulette. You might think that placing a bet on red or black, or odds or evens on a roulette table gives you a better chance of winning than buying a a scratch game offering odds of one win in three. Essentially this is correct, as the odds of winning on these roulette bets are in fact two to one. However the difference lies in the fixed odds nature of scratch cards odds.

The scratch card odds are 100% definite, because the cards have been printed or uploaded onto the internet before you start playing with the number of winners predetermined. This means that if you went and bought every card available you would definitely win on a third of the cards. Roulette odds, meanwhile, are hypothetical. It is true that in all likelihood the odds will even out to one in two, ie if you played a large number of games of roulette and bet on red every time you will win around 50% of the time. However this is not guaranteed and it is just as possible that you could lose every single time, as roulette is a pure game of chance.

Accountability in scratch cards odds

This is not to say that, in reality, if you play scratch cards you will win every third time or that it will be more likely than if you play roulette. In most cases there are so many cards printed or uploaded that the scratch card odds work in a similar way. However the fixed odds system ensures reliability and accountability, leading to one more way you can increase your odds of winning big. Each scratch card usually offers the chance of winning a big jackpot, and these jackpots are clearly available on a limited, first come first served basis. Therefore, if the jackpots have already been won then you have zero chance of winning them even if you buy all the cards left.

Luckily for players, many scratch card sites, especially the websites of national or local lotteries which sell physical lottery tickets, publish details of which jackpots have been won and which are still out there to be won. If you are looking to win a big jackpot it is easy to check these sites and increase your scratch card odds by buying the tickets which still have big jackpots available.

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