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Online Scratch Card Technology

Back in the day, buying a scratch card meant leaving your house. There were absolutely no ifs or buts about it. If you wanted to play scratch games you most definitely had to step outside and head to the nearest gas station or convenience store, rain or shine. There, you would buy a piece of a cardboard with a thin film which you would scratch off with a coin or something similarly solid. If you won you could often claim your winnings there and then.

How things have changed! While physical scratch cards are still widely available, and impressively popular considering their old-school image, the onset and speedy updating of new technology has meant online scratch cards are becoming increasingly prevalent. Now you have the choice of choosing a scratch card on your computer or even your mobile telephone rather than rushing out in the rain to buy a card. These online scratch cards are based on the most up to date technology available and are constantly pushing the limits.

Taking online scratch to the next level

The Internet has opened up gaming to a whole new audience, eager to embrace the thrills and excitement of scratch games through the world of online scratch cards. In only a short space of time, top class technology has been developed in order to produce the most exciting scratch games possible.

The world of online scratch cards began to take form in 2005 with the launch of NeoGames. Over the last few years technology has come on in leaps and bounds, with the new feature eye-popping graphics and thrilling game play a direct result of technological innovation at companies like NeoGames. The games are nearly all built using Flash technology, ensuring there is no need to download any software. Players simply click on the game of their choice and it pops up before them.

Fair gaming in online scratch

One of the most important aspects of the technological side of online scratch cards is the commitment to fair gaming. Without such a commitment there would be no possibility that players would trust the online provider to make the scratch game fair and therefore fun for all.

Companies creating scratch games often guarantee that on average every third card wins. This is because the game is encrypted with a Random Number Generator which has been thoroughly tested. The RNG ensures pure fairness of a kind you would be hard pushed to find elsewhere.

Technology to protect information

The technology used in online scratch cards is also essential to protect the privacy and security of every player who deposits money and provides personal details. Scratch game companies are famed for using 128-bit secure encryption technology. This means that players can have no concern of the security of their personal information or cash. Once it is deposited, the money is transferred safely and securely. And once the information is provided it is protected to the highest level.

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